Wind resistance class: 3
CE UNI EN 13561

Elegant awning, perfect for embellishing independent homes in an antique style, homes in historical centres, bars, restaurants, boutiques and shops in general.
The structure is made in powder coated wrought iron. The overall dimensions of the awning are always equal to its projection. Easy to use and install.

The awning width implies the distance between the outer knobs of the terminal (A). Fabric = A – 19 cm





Technical information

All fasteners are in stainless steel or steel with GEOMET 321 treatment.
Unless otherwise specified in the order, the screen will have the following characteristics:

  • right-hand winch operation (external front view);
  • SunStop stitching (TENARA or WELDED on request at no extra cost);
  • wall-mounted.
  • valance design (h 25 cm);

Different heights for the ruffle (VALANCES) can be requested, so long as they are multiple of 5 cm.
If a valance is requested in a different colour to the fabric, the cost of an additional valance will be charged.

Max achievable width: 500