3000 CABLE

3000 CABLE

Wind resistance class: 3
CE UNI EN 13561

Drop-down awnings which can be attached to the ground or a railing with special fastenings. Can be secured to the ceiling or wall. The movement of the material is guided by 2 x 4-mm steel cables on the sides (one per side). The awning can be controlled manually (winch) or operated by a motor.


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Technical information

All fasteners are in stainless steel or steel with GEOMET 321 treatment.Unless otherwise specified in the order, the screen will have the following characteristics:

  • right-hand winch operation (external front view);
  • rReinforcement in ral 9010;
  • SunStop stitching (TENARA or WELDED on request at no extra cost);
  • no valance. Only valance plus panel on request;
  • ceiling-mounted

Max achievable width: 500

Avaiable in 3 modes:

  • With steel cable (4 mm) and no box
  • With steel cable (4 mm) and Round box
  • With steel rod (6 mm) and Round box