Cover 400


Wind resistance class: 2 – 70 N/m²
Max 38 Km/h
CE UNI EN 13561

Folding arm awning with box and full closure with extendable aluminium arms and triplex chain in stainless steel.
Possibility for micrometric regulation of inclination.
Arm movement on self-lubricated bushings.

Awnings are normally designed for a maximum inclination of 25-30°. For lower slopes, and therefore with the awnings installed almost horizontally, the cloth tension may be scarce in the central section due to the weight of the fabric itself.


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Other colours by quotation

Maximum projection: 4 m
Inclination: min 5° / max 80°

Technical information

All fasteners are in stainless steel or steel with GEOMET® 321 treatment.
Unless otherwise specified in the order, the screen will have the following characteristics:

  • classic model;
  • right-hand control (external front view);
  • reinforcement in ral 9010;
  • SunStop stitching (TENARA or WELDED on request at no extra cost);
  • valance design 02 (h 25 cm);
  • wall-mounted.

Waterproof acrylic fabrics welded as part of standard production. Note that the awnings, even if produced with waterproof acrylic fabrics or pvc, have been designed and structured only as solar protection.
The size in width always considers the outer side plates.

If a valance is requested in a different colour to the fabric, the cost of an additional valance will be charged.

2 arms
Minimum achievable width352400448504
3 arms
Minimum achievable width520600672756



Winch operation rate 1

Projection Width
400 500 600 700
2 2 3 3
2 2 3 3
350 -
- 2 3 3
- - 3 3


: Supports

Arms =  2      3