Certifications (EN 13659)
Wind resistance: Class 4
Snow load: 60 Kg/m2

A versatile outdoor covering system, able to satisfy all relaxation and protection needs: Bioroll allows the sunlight to be managed and filtered according to the time of day, while also ensuring efficient natural ventilation and air exchange. When the louvres are completely closed, Bioroll protects against rain, directing the rainwater toward the outer edges of the structure.


  • Bianco Ral 9010
  • Avorio Ral 1013
  • Grigio micaceo M2000
  • Argento Ral 9006
  • Bianco Soft Ral 9010
  • Avorio Soft Ral 1013
  • Grigio micaceo M2000
  • Argento Ral 9006

Other colours by quotation

Technical information

  • 188.5 mm louvres in painted aluminium
  • Orientation from 0° to 140°
  • Stainless steel, brass or steel fasteners with GEOMET® 321 treatment
  • Motorised control including controller and remote control
  • Slope for correct operation and water drainage, min 0% and max 5% (sloping wall version only)
  • The tubular structure of the central louvre body ensures good mechanical resistance and simple installation.
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to install

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