Certifications (EN 14351)
Wind resistance: Class 5
Air permeability: Class 2

The most versatile of the closure systems, consisting of sliding panels in tempered glass with total packing, tippable and without joints, for maximum flexibility of use. Sliding occurs on upper aluminium guides and either top-mounted or recessed lower guides.
The 10 mm thick tempered glass panels ensure maximum protection against the elements. The sliding door system allows closures to be created in any shape, as well as both the inward and outward opening of panels.


  • Bianco Ral 9010
  • Avorio Ral 1013
  • Grigio micaceo M2000
  • Argento Ral 9006
  • Bianco Soft Ral 9010
  • Avorio Soft Ral 1013
  • Grigio micaceo M2000
  • Argento Ral 9006

Other colours by quotation

Technical information

  • Anodised and painted extruded aluminium profiles
  • High-resistance anodised aluminium mechanisms
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • 10 mm tempered glass (28 kg/m2)
  • High corrosion resistance even in saline environments
  • Maximum height 300 cm
  • Guaranteed for 5000 opening and closing cycles (5 years)
  • Door size according to width: from min 60 cm to max 80 cm

Technical details

Example configurations