Certifications (EN 14351)
Wind resistance: Class 6
Air permeability: Class 1

An effective tempered glass door closure system, which slides parallel and can be packed both to the right and left of the guide. Scintilla is equipped with an innovative integrated towing hook, which allows the automatic opening and closure of the doors.


  • Bianco Ral 9010
  • Avorio Ral 1013
  • Grigio micaceo M2000
  • Argento Ral 9006
  • Bianco Soft Ral 9010
  • Avorio Soft Ral 1013
  • Grigio micaceo M2000
  • Argento Ral 9006

Other colours by quotation

Technical details

  • Doors packed to the right or left
  • 10mm tempered glass
  • Adjustable up to 20mm in height thanks to the upper profile
  • Lower door carriages with height adjustment up to 5 mm
  • Door width from 85 to 110 cm
  • Maximum height of each door 280 cm
  • Easy maintenance stainless steel hardware hidden in the profile
  • Easy maintenance ball bearings
  • Low thickness lower guide
  • Guide with external water drainage system


Technical details